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Backstage Area

This page provides a rare "backstage" glimpse into what
it's like to be in the Fisher's Ghost Youth Orchestra.

Behind the scenes, our members have a lot of fun, learning and preparing the music that you hear at each concert.

Playing with an orchestra is a very different experience to performing solo, providing a unique and rewarding way to participate in music that is unlike anything else you may have experienced.

From the moment that you sit in your first rehearsal and the first song begins, you will be completely surrounded by wonderful sound. Elements of the music which you may once have heard in stereo on television or in a concert hall, suddenly become a completely immersive, “surround sound” experience, with elements of the music being heard from each of the distinct sections and from every direction around you.

From way behind, the driving rhythms of the percussion instruments give structure and form to the music, from your sides, the powerful sounds of the brass and woodwind build upon the melody and harmony and the melodious sounds of the violins, violas and cellos stretching out in front of you complete the experience, all working together with the assistance of the conductor you can see at the front.

In our rehearsal space, the orchestra is a mix of fun, social interaction along with professional rehearsal. Under the guidance of our musical director, David Griffin, we rehearse each week in a friendly environment in the heart of Campbelltown, whilst still enjoying that which brings us together; a love of music.
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